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How do I keep my keyword ranking on the first page?

How do I keep my keyword ranking on the first page?

Organic ranking is one of the best ways to increase traffic and sales in the online market. Search accounted for 39% of total global traffic, with organic traffic accounting for 35%. Aside from a well-planned SEO strategy, you will need innovative social media and link building strategies to help your website rank on Google’s first page.

You finally succeed in getting your web pages ranked in search engines after putting in all of your efforts. What if the pages begin to lose their ranking? Will you just sit back and watch?

Today, SEOContentIndia’s SEO experts will discuss how to maintain the keywords for which you have worked so hard to achieve a top spot in Google search results pages. Furthermore, the strategies will assist webmasters in protecting their websites from any potential algorithm updates.

How To Maintain Your SEO Ranking

1. Update your website.

Regular content updates are one of the best ways to defend your website’s ranking. Quality content will not only engage your readers but will also boost your rankings. Aside from improving your brand’s visual appeal, include a call-to-action on each page. Optimizing your website’s layout will reduce bounce rates, improve online branding, and increase the likelihood of your visitors engaging with your content.

2. Maintain internal linking

Once you’ve climbed to the top of search engines, judicious internal linking strategies can keep you there. Internal linking strategies improve SEO by spreading link juice, increasing page views, and so on.

You must ensure that the external pages to which you are linking provide relevant and valuable content to your readers. Similarly, internal linking should provide your readers with relevant, valuable content. It also increases user engagement on your website by making additional site content more accessible.

3. Make Use of a Link Building Strategy

Link building is a tried and tested strategy for increasing and maintaining your website’s ranking on Google. However, you should prioritize quality over quantity. Examine the website when obtaining outbound backlinks.

Do not create an excessive number of backlinks to a specific page, as Google may consider it spammy and raise a red flag for your website. Google wants your site’s visitors to be able to find relevant, informative, and useful content.

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If you want to keep your keywords’ organic ranking, you should create backlinks to all of your website’s pages. Such a strategy will diversify your backlink profile and increase your overall website authority in the eyes of Google.

4. Establish a strong social media presence

Social media presence not only improves your branding and drives traffic, but it also strengthens your online reputation, helps you rank higher, and keeps you there. As a result, you cannot afford to ignore this online marketing medium. According to smart insights, there are 3.196 billion social media users worldwide in 2018.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms have a high PageRank in Google. Obtaining backlinks from websites with high PageRank can help you boost and maintain your rankings over time.

5. Examine and Control Page Speed

Because a new website is new and lightweight, it is simple to rank. As time passes, you add more plugins, widgets, and content, which may cause it to slow down. If this happens to your website, you may lose your top ranking.

Make sure your images are SEO optimized before uploading the content and images. Fortunately, there are numerous tools available, such as Google Analytics, Webmaster tools, and the Google page speed tool, which provide information about the speed of your website. They will also advise you on how to improve the speed of your website.

6. Encourage User-Generated Content (UGC).

User-generated content is content that has been created by your users. You will give your prospects more reasons to visit your website if you use UGC. As a result, you will receive more visitors and establish your website as an authority in its niche. Furthermore, new content will boost your rankings.

Paid advertising generates more than twice as many sales as word-of-mouth marketing. As a result, you should look for and implement word-of-mouth marketing strategies to boost sales.


SEO (search engine optimization) is not for the faint of heart. SEO necessitates a long-term and well-planned strategy in order to see results in search results. Implementing these strategies will assist you in increasing and maintaining your website’s ranking in the long run.


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