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how to increase page speed insights wordpress

how to increase page speed insights WordPress


You may use a variety of strategies to make your WordPress site much faster. Fast-loading websites are ranked far higher by search engines like Google than slow-loading websites. So, if you want to enhance your search engine ranking position (SERP), one of your top priorities should be to boost your speed.

Here are three plugins that you can use right now to speed up your WordPress site:

  1. reSmush.it can help you optimize your photographs and reduce file sizes.
  2. The Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN) will boost download speeds.
  3. To speed up processing, use W3 Total Cache.

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What’s the deal with my WordPress site being so slow?

The hosting of your WordPress website is the most important component that influences its speed. Hosting your new website on a shared hosting company with “unlimited” bandwidth, space, emails, domains, and other features may appear to be a good choice. However, WordPress themes make extensive use of dynamic components, resulting in enormous page sizes and increased server processing time. It’s advisable to go with a reputable web host like InterServer, which can manage more sophisticated themes and WordPress sites. They also have a one-click WordPress install that makes it simple to set up a new WordPress site.

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People who are new to WordPress frequently believe that their website is OK and functioning properly because it does not appear to be slow on their own machine. However, this is a HUGE mistake because other users who are viewing your website for the first time will most likely have a different experience. In fact, depending on their internet speeds and the gadgets they use, folks in different geographical places will often have an entirely different experience.

This is why we urge that all bloggers and WordPress site owners use the Google Page Speed tool to test their website speed. A good website load time is less than two seconds. Several recommendations for enhancing the speed of your website will most likely be included in your speed test report. However, most of that is technical jargon that we novices find difficult to comprehend. So, here are three plugins that will take care of the majority of the heavy lifting for you.

To optimize your photos, use reSmush.it.

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Let’s start by installing reSmush.it, which will help you optimize your photographs by shrinking and compressing them. This plugin also enables “lazy load,” which downloads images only as viewers scroll down far enough on your page to see them, rather than downloading everything all at once.

Here are the procedures for utilizing the reSmush.it plugin to compress your photographs.

  • Select Add Plugin from the navigation menu.
  • Install the reSmush.it plugin by searching for it
  • Then turn on your plugin.
  • Then check the Optimize on upload and Statistics boxes.

That’s all; all of your photographs have now been optimized!

The Cloudflare Content Delivery Network (CDN) will boost download speeds.

One of the most effective strategies to improve website loading time is to use a Content Delivery Network (CDN). There are a lot of comparable plugins out there, but Cloudflare stands out since it is one of the top CDN and firewall providers on the market. They provide a free version of their CDN that helps speed up your website as well as a suite of effective security features. Let’s have a look at how to set up Cloudflare in WordPress to help you speed up your site.

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How can I get Cloudflare to work?

Don’t be concerned; simply follow the steps below.

  • Select Add Plugin from the navigation menu.
  • Install the Cloudflare plugin by searching for it.
  • After activating your plugin, go to the plugin page and look for the email and API options.
  • Create a Cloudflare account and use the profile option to receive the API.
  • By selecting View in Global API Key, you can obtain API keys.
  • After you’ve entered your password, you’ll be able to access the plugin’s API.
  • Back on your WordPress site, go to the Cloudflare plugin page and enter your email and API.

On your website, Cloudflare is now enabled. Allow Cloudflare to work its magic for a few minutes before rerunning the speed test on your website.


To speed up processing, use W3 Total Cache.

W3 Total Cache helps WordPress websites load faster. It guarantees that your website follows the most recent best practices for website delivery by optimizing and compressing your pages and posts, as well as caching them so that users can engage with your site more rapidly.

According to Google Page Speed, when fully set, people see a 10x boost in overall site performance.

To set up W3 Total Cache Plugin, follow these steps.

  • Select Add Plugin from the navigation menu.
  • Install W3 Total Cache by searching for it on the internet.
how to increase page speed insights wordpress
  • Activate the plugin and navigate to the plugin page.
  • Enable Page Cache and choose Disk: Enhanced as the page cache method.
  • Enable Minify and make it the default minified for HTML, CSS, and JS.
  • Enable database caching and choose Disk as the database cache method.
  • Enable object caching and choose Disk as the object cache mechanism.
  • Enable the cache in your browser.

Your WordPress is now cached, which means your posts and pages will load much faster for your visitors.

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Extra Tips on how to make WordPress run faster

WordPress plugins are obviously incredibly beneficial, but they can sometimes cause more problems than they solve and cause your website to slow down. Here are some suggestions for keeping your plugins and WordPress site in top shape.

  • Remove any widgets that aren’t needed from the home page. Keep it simple!
  • Ensure that your plugins are up to date.
  • Ascertain that your website’s server and WordPress version are both current.
  • On your homepage, instead of entire posts, show extracts.

Remember to run a speed test on your website after installing all three plugins to observe how much faster it has become. I sincerely hope that these plugins and tips assist you in increasing the speed of your WordPress website; do share your results with us. I tried to make this method as straightforward as possible, but if you really don’t have the time, I recommend hiring a Fiverr freelancer to do it for you.

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