Black Hat SEO For Beginners

Black Hat SEO For Beginners

Black Hat SEO For Beginners


If you have a website from which you are trying to make money, you must have visitors to that site in order to do so.  

It is a little like having a store in the local high street or shopping mall. If  no-one ever finds your store and wanders inside, then it does not matter how classy your products are, or how competitive your prices are, you will never make any sales until you start pulling in potential customers.  


The same rules apply in the world of online business. No visitors to your site are exactly the same as no potential customers walking into your real world store and no sales.  

Therefore, you need to adopt tactics and methods that will make sure that your site enjoys hundreds or perhaps even thousands of visitors a day.  

There are lots of different ways of doing this, and once your business becomes better established, you should use every traffic generation tactic that you know of to maximize the number of visitors that you enjoy.  

However, some of the quickest and most effective ways of getting people to visit your sales page are the ones that cost money as well, and that may be money that you don’t have available right now.  

For example, using the AdWords Pay-Per-Click online advertising program from Google will have visitors landing on your page within a matter of hours,  so it is extremely effective in these terms. However, unless you know exactly what you are doing when you create your AdWords campaign, it can be a very expensive way of attracting visitors, and the number of new internet marketers who have been severely ‘burned’ by their first few  AdWords campaigns is legion.  

There is another factor that you need to consider as well.  

Online advertising programs like AdWords are still extremely effective, but they are becoming less so as people become more aware that when they see  ‘Sponsored Links’ on a page, it means that they are looking at paid advertising.  

People in general and internet users, in particular, seem to have an increasing aversion to visiting sites that use paid advertising to promote their products and services, perhaps because they believe that sites that pay to advertise will always be those that are trying to sell them something.  


Despite what those of us who run internet based businesses might like to believe, most people do not surf the internet with the intention of buying anything. They do so to seek information and answers to the questions that they have, and as a general rule, they are trying to find that information for free.  


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